Reduce, Repurpose, Recycle.

Over time, we all accumulate garments that we no longer wear. They may appear as multiple pieces that are very similar, or perhaps clothes that no longer fit or even damaged items that never get repaired. A wardrobe edit helps eliminate these pieces from your wardrobe while identifying your wardrobe strengths. Your wardrobe will be edited, restyled and reorganised. You will then be able to work successfully to your wardrobe strengths and identify the gaps in your wardrobe for future investments.



Style Consult
Wardrobe Edit
Visual Style Guide
TSS Basics List


3 hours



Styling made easy.

“Erin came to my rescue and divided my wardrobe into casual, corporate and events. She showed me how to put together outfits that I didn't even know I had. ”

— H.T.

Feel good, look good.

“She has a beautiful way of making you feel so special. Shopping with her is always so much fun and does wonders for my own confidence.”

— T.O.

Style on a budget.

“Thanks to Erin, I now have a wardrobe that feels fresh without having to spend a fortune..”

— E.R.

Take the stress out of getting dressed.

Find the perfect outfit, every time.