The Basics.


The Basics is a list of garments chosen for their versatility, style and staying power. You may already own most (or all) of the clothes outlined in the list, or you may need to top up on a few pieces. Whatever your scenario, The Basics will seamlessly take you from day to night, weekday to weekend. 

The Basics was born from the need to reduce the environmental and social impact brought about from fast fashion. Adopting sustainable approaches does not need to be drastic, but instead, simple... basic, if you will, hence the birth of The Basics list.

In recent years, notable designers have passionately waved the flag for sustainable fashion, farewelling traditionally dowdy clothing for more relevant and stylish pieces. Pioneer designers such as Stella McCartney and Kit Willow not only have transparent supply chains but are also finding new ways to use abstract materials in the construction of clothing, firmly placing sustainability front and centre.

All I ask that is that you buy fast fashion for slow reasons: to keep in your wardrobe for as long as possible and commit to wearing until it’s fit for dusters.
— Lucy Siegle, Vogue Australia